CRM, Android, iOS developer with 3 years experience
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Spoken languages:
English (Full professional proficiency)
Vietnamese (Native or bilingual proficiency)
Minimum rate:
10.00 $/hour
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SUMMARY: We are backed by a talented, ambitious and technology-heavy workforce with years of experience. Consequently, we guarantee world-class quality for delivered products across all platforms (Web, iOS, Android).
Professional Skills (8) year(s) of experience
Product Management
Customer Service
Team Leader
Database Design
Web Design
Web Development
Software Development
UI Design
Mobile Application
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Dec-2014 - Present I.T. Services

Founder and Lead Engineer at Dwarves Foundation

As an IT manager and tech entrepreneur, I found the market where people from developed countries usually bring their software and hardware project to other countries that should take them lower cost to build a product. But you will get what you pay for. Usually the qualify of the product and maintenance services is not as good as their expectation.

And one more thing, in this market, if people trust you, they always want to give you all their stuffs and want you to take care of them.

I position Dwarves Foundation with a spirit of high responsible warrior and service provider. We offer 3 kinds of services: Tech Partner Service (aka Venture Builder), Development Labs and Talent pool.

I have lots of things that I need to care about: manage and organize the operation flow, look for talented, dealing with client.

Jul-2013 - Sep-2015 I.T. Services

CTO at CloudJay Pte. Ltd.

- Suggest technology and architecture on building powerful and security platform.

- Recruit and train new members.

- Mobile team leader & manager

- Apply Lean & Agile methodology for team management

- Suggest solutions on building new product.

- Build JayPixApp on Android and Web

+ A private and secured Instagram for your business team to improve communication and field update.

+ Win a chance to join a 3-months bootcamp at JFDI, Singapore.

- Build CJayNet on Android and Web

+ A container management system on the cloud that help cut down gap time and boost up containers data flow.

+ Aim to be the first and biggest container network for logistics business in Vietnam

Dec-2012 - Sep-2013 I.T. Services

Backend Developer at Lifebox JSC

- Plan and organize event TechTuesday.

- Build Lifebox Daily on django framework

+ An productivity service for small team that work can remotely but still keep in touch with each other. + Based on done list theory (not todo list) for personal and work like scrum meeting for team.

- Join BlackBerry Jam Hack 2012 with Lifebox 365

+ A combination between philosophy about happiness and technology that help people capture and take notes of every impressive moments when pursuing their goals.

+ Win first prize in Vietnam and runner up in BlackBerry Jam Asia.

+ Get seed funds from mLab and World Bank.

Jun-2012 - Dec-2012 I.T. Services

Workflow R&D Engineer at HPT Vietnam Corporation

- Leader of Workflow Team: building workflow platform, a base platform for full ERP solution.

+ Research new Workflow Foundation technology.

+ Propose solutions and architecture.

+ Planning and break down tasks